The Property Growth Mentorship Program


When you get out in the deep dark world of property you come across bespoke issues based on your strategy and area, this is where mentorship can become invaluable. 

Together me and Lewis have a broad range of skills and can assist with the majority of obstacles you will come across (& if we can’t, we know someone who can!). We have 15 years industry experience and have been involved in over 300 deals collectively. 

The levels of Mentorship we offer:

  • Group Mastermind – 12 months' access, online, group sessions (limited to a select number) – RRP £3,600 
  • 1-1 Mentoring (Level 1) – 12 months' access, face to face or online, personalised sessions – RRP £8,000
  • 1-1 Mentoring (Level 2) – 12 months' access, face to face or online, personalised sessions twice per month + Personal WhatsApp group for help in between meetings (24 hour response within working hours)  – RRP £15,000

Our mentorship offering isn’t available to everyone, you have to be selected by us which is dependent on your current situation. 

If you wish to proceed, please complete the application form below.

We will review your application and respond at our earliest opportunity.

By completing the below, we will determine whether we feel it is the appropriate time in your journey for you to be mentored. We also offer a scholarship scheme, so if accepted you could receive a discount on the mentoring cost.


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